"People are like stained

glass windows.

They sparkle and shine

when the sun is out,

but it is only when

the darkness sets in,

 their true beauty

is revealed,

only if there is a

light from within."

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


What is hypnosis?

How is hypnotherapy different?

Is it safe?

Does it work? If so, how?

So many questions that you may wish to be answered before commiting yourself to hypnotherapy. This page contains a brief explanation of hypnotherapy but do explore the easy to navigate pages below to find out more, and to put your mind at rest. If you are still unsure, or if there are further questions that you would like to ask please contact us by telephone or Email, or go to our Contact Us page, and we will answer your enquiry honestly and promptly. If, for any reason, hypnotherapy is not likely to be suitable for you we will explain why and attempt to sign-post you down a more appropriate route. A phone call to us has no obligations.

Myths about hypnotherapy

The therapy itself

Frequently Asked Questions



In a nutshell hypnotherapy is a situation where the client becomes so relaxed that he/she is more aware of internal thoughts and external ideas (so called "trance"). Everyone has experienced trance at some stage of their lives; watching a good film, listening to a talk or lecture, driving, listening to music or reading. It is a natural state. (See Myths about Hypnosis)

We all have inside everything that we need to solve problems, but we are not always able to reach, or make sense of, it when we need it most. Advice from others can also seem to be inappropriate and wide of the mark at times. Our conscious mind is very good at worrying about problems but not so good always at finding solutions that are right for us. In fact it is often the preoccupation with problems that holds us back from finding answers.

Deep relaxation achieved through hypnosis, or self-hypnosis, frees the subconscious mind from these restraints, and it can then start to work things out for itself. We all know what is best for ourselves at a deep level.

The hypnotherapist is not essential for this process but, like a trainer with an athlete, helps the client achieve best results most quickly and effectively. A variety of techniques are used in and out of trance. See "The therapy itself".

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