Self-image and Weight issues

Are you unhappy with the way you look or feel? Do you wish to lose weight? Read more about how Hypnotherapy can help you find peace of mind.......

People may be unhappy with the way they feel or look. They may be unhappy about their weight. Often the two are linked in people's minds, and they may just feel generally miserable about themselves. Many choose dieting as an answer, but often find that diets don't last, leading to 'yo-yo' weight loss and weight gain.

Because the reasons why people are unhappy with themselves and their situation varies so much, there cannot be a single solution. Therefore, Ffynnon Hypnotherapy offers a range of approaches to match an individual's situation. Many people know what they can do to help themselves but, need a helping hand. In summary, hypnotherapy aims to assist you to :-

  • Regain self-confidence in managing your lifestyle, and relationship with food
  • Improve or refresh your knowledge of healthy eating and exercise
  • Explore the reasons why you may have had problems in maintaining a healthy balanced food intake
  • Understand why diets may have failed in the past
  • Regain satisfaction and pleasure in how you look and feel
  • Create a healthy relationship with food which is long lasting, and provides a basis for being well and staying well
  • Manage temptation, and daily issues like cooking for others, and eating out etc.

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