What is a Phobia, and how will Hypnotherapy help me?

Phobias are extreme forms of anxiety and fear focused on situations or objects that would not produce such a reaction in the vast majority of people. They are extremely common, so you are in good company.

Phobias are many and varied, in their nature, and the extent to which they affect people's lives. For example the relatively common fear of flying may reach phobic proportions and prevent a person going abroad on holiday, but will have no effect on them for the rest of the year. Other phobias may, however,  be extremely severe and prevent people from engaging in everyday activities.

What matters to the therapist, is what matters to you. If it bothers you enough to seek help, then it it will be considered sympathetically and positively by your therapist. Help is on hand.

Ffynnon Hypnotherapy uses a variety of approaches to phobia management which have proven effectiveness. The purpose of therapy is to:-

  • Assist you to understand the nature of anxiety and the way your brain and body respond to what might seem to be threatening.
  • Give you absolute control over any anxiety associated with the phobia.
  • Make you aware that it is your thoughts that usually trigger unpleasant feelings like anxiety, and that these thoughts may not be supported by facts or evidence.
  • Give you the opportunity to rehearse overcoming your fears in a safe and supportive situation with the therapist.
  • Allow you to test out your new confidence by using the techniques learned in the situation where the phobia used to occur.
  • Encourage you to engage in activities of your choice no longer affected by phobic fears, long after therapy has finished.

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