"Learn to get in touch

with the silence within

yourself, and know that

everything in life has


There are no mistakes,

no coincidences,

all events are blessings

given to us to learn from."

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress are so often linked that it is worth considering them together, although they reflect a huge variety of underlying situations and causes. They are often associated with poor sleep (insomnia) and low spirits. Blushing and flushing, tension headaches, exhaustion, palpitations, rapid breathing and chest tightness are all commonly reported symptoms.

Most of us have had some experience of these problems at some time in their lives. We tend to seek help when the problems just won't go away, or when they become so troublesome that they prevent us leading our normal lives. Such problems can:-

  • put a strain on relationships
  • prevent us from managing our work
  • spoil our enjoyment of free time
  • cause loss of interests
  • take away our enthusiasm and energy
  • be exhausting

Ffynnon Hypnotherapy uses a variety of approaches to help people overcome these problems safely and effectively. The purpose of therapy is to:-

  • Give us absolute control over our anxiety symptoms
  • Help us understand where the low mood and worries come from
  • See more clearly how our minds create the symptoms that we experience
  • Show us how anxiety symptoms occur and when we might even enjoy them!
  • Help us become aware of how our thoughts and beliefs may produce anxiety, and how by changing our thoughts for the better we can make ourselves feel better
  • Teach us techniques for effective relaxation and better sleep and rest
  • Enable us to regain as full enjoyment of life and relationships as possible

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