"The future belongs to those

who believe in

the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt

Further Information

Potential users of hypnotherapy may find that the following reference texts are useful in exploring the subject further, and may consider them for use at home as an adjunct to a programme of therapy:-

Self-hypnosis: the complete manual for health and self-change (2nd Edition)

Brian Alman and Peter Lambrou

Brunner Mazel                         New York 1992

Overcoming Emotional Chaos

Doc Childre and Deborah Roxman

Jodere Group                            San Diego 2002

(Readers may be interested in exploring the Institute of Heartmath approaches to health problems and "cut-thru" techniques. Visit the website

Hypnosis for Change 3rd edition

Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher

New Harbinger Publications         Oakland 1996

Trancework: An introduction to the practice of hypnotherapy 3rd edition

Michael Yapko

Brunner Routledge                         New York and Hove 2003