"An understanding heart

is everything in a teacher,

and cannot be

esteemed highly enough.

One looks back with

appreciation to the

brilliant teachers,

but with gratitude to those

who touched our human


The curriculum is so much

necessary raw material,

but warmth is the vital

element for the growing

plant and for the soul

of the child."

Carl Jung

Courses & Teaching

Ffynnon Hypnotherapy are soon to be running courses for Carers aimed at improving individual's coping strategies. The courses will be in a small group format, working as a group on problem solving and empowerment.

The groups will learn techniques for improving self-confidence in dealing with health and social services, and getting what you need and deserve.

The groups will also work together to see how looking ourselves as carers may be the best way to look after those we care for.

It is likely that the first course will run in the spring depending upon interest.

If you think this might be useful for you or a friend please contact us on :-

01407 710012

or Email us at :-

We are happy to discuss the courses and your individual needs confidentially and without obligation.

Alternatively please contact us by completing the form on the Contact Us page of this website and we will respond promptly to your enquiry.