"I am not in this world

to live up to other

people's expectations,

nor do I feel that the

world must live up

to mine"

Fritz Perls


Simon Hill

Dr Simon N Hill 



  • Holistic Physician and Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Previously a Consultant Physician for 20 years in the NHS
  • Previously Senior Lecturer at Keele University and Senior Clinical Lecturer at Birmingham University
  • Clinical and Research interests in informal carer health and the psychological aspects of physical illness
  • Registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and National Hypnotherapy Council (NCH) and is bound by their respective codes of professional conduct and ethics.
  • Trained with the Delwyn School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis as part of the UK Acadamy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences.


Becoming a "therapist"

During his years as an NHS Consultant Simon became increasingly aware that conventional medical approaches for a large number of distressing and chronic conditions were wholly unsatisfactory. The frequently disempowering "Bio-medical" model approach, and the proliferation of new medicines for every illness, led him to explore new approaches which were more attuned to people's expressed needs. For a summary of this approach see "Our Philosophy". This culminated in his training as an Hypnotherapist where he believes he can be most effective in assisting people to use their considerable untapped potential to overcome their own problems. He does not attempt to practice conventional medicine alongside holistic hypnotherapy, but will work collaboratively with medical practitioners, and those from professions allied to medicine, to ensure that clients achieve their chosen goals.

Background in conventional medicine

Simon's background in conventional medicine has been vitally important in accumulating vast experience of physical illnesses and people's individual psychological responses and ways of dealing with their problems. He practiced as a Consultant Physician for over 20 years, specialising in the management of stroke, neurological illnesses and musculoskeletal disorders, mainly affecting older people. He held posts in Birmingham teaching hospitals before moving to Shropshire and the Welsh Borders where he was a Senior Lecturer at Keele University for 10 years. Most recently Simon has worked as a Consultant Community Physician in Powys and North West Wales.

Working with "Carers"

Whilst working in Birmingham Simon worked closely with Dr Cathy Betoin, Clinical Psychologist, on evaluating the needs of informal care givers (Carers). He set up a pioneering and award winning "Carer Support Unit", which offered unique flexibility and outreach support to carers, and provided Cathy with the opportunity to look into the the stresses and strains that carers experienced. On the basis of her findings the unit was able to tailor individualised support to each caring relationship. This approach forms the basis for Simon's individualised hypnotherapy for informal care givers. See Carer Related Health Issues

The future

Simon continues to develop his practice along the lines of "Mind-Body" healing. See "Our Philosophy", and "Further Information". This approach embraces the concept that the mind (feelings, experiences and thoughts) directly influences the expression of our genes through complex hormonal and neurone pathways, causing disease and illness. By understanding how this occurs Hypnotherapy and other approaches may potentially modify the mind's influence on disease and symptom presentation. Careful individual evaluation of the benefits of therapeutic approaches in each case adds to the growing body of knowledge in this field.

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