"Your vision will become

clear only when you can

look inside your heart.

Who looks inside, dreams;

who looks outside, awakes."

Carl Jung

Our Philosophy

Ffynnon - our Source or Well-spring

Everyone has within them a well-spring of answers to even the most serious of problems; a deep untapped source of vision, energy and power. The problem is that we are often least able to access these resources when we need them most. We usually seek therapy when problems are so daunting that we don't feel able to feel or function well without the help of a professional. The following notes will explain the approach Ffynnon Hypnotherapy takes to help you resolve your problems.

The therapeutic relationship

The client should be received with unconditional and non-judgmental acceptance by the therapist, who should at all times endeavour to show empathy towards the client, and to retain a genuine approach. The client should be viewed as an individual with individual needs. Some would argue that if these conditions are satisfied then the client will inevitably gain insight and confidence enough to solve their own problems. Others might contend that the client needs more direction from the therapist in  achieving understanding of their situation in order to achieve self-improvement. The client's perspective, priorities and power to solve problems must not be undermined by therapist interventions.

The focus on Solutions

The nature of hypnotherapy is to focus on solutions not problems. Ffynnon Hypnotherapy believes that the best approach for most clients is to provide a therapeutic relationship where they feel safe to share their problems and decide what is most important for them to resolve. The therapist will often provide the client with a plan or strategy for their recovery path. This strategy will be based entirely upon what the client has presented to the therapist, and taps the hidden resources lying within the client. This approach aims to avoid being over-directive but does not allow the client to remain in the problem state for too long. It provides clients with the confident expectation of achieving their goals within a reasonably short and affordable timescale. In summary we offer focused and effective therapy within a caring and confidential professional relationship.

Mind-Body Healing

The relationship between thoughts and physical symptoms has been recognised for centuries. Only recently has it become apparent that the nature of our thoughts, beliefs and ideas may directly cause illness in us, by complex nerve and hormonal mechanisms. It seems likely that we are born with a predisposition to certain illnesses dictated by our genes. The extent to which these genes cause disease is influenced to a large extent by our minds. Whilst evidence is accumulating to support this explanation of disease presentation, exciting possibilities for the treatment and prevention of disease are suggested. It may well follow that if thoughts, beliefs and ideas can be changed for the better, then the expression of genes and the development and course of disease processes may be modified to good effect. Indeed many otherwise inexplicable 'spontaneous' recoveries from serious life-threatening illness may be explained by this potential mechanism. Ffynnon Hypnotherapy believes that it is not helpful to artificially separate physical health from mental well-being, and strives to treat clients as a whole being.

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